Gun For A Coward

£5.00 GBP

Fred MacMurray stars as a ranch herder Will Keough who wants nothing more than to tend to his cattle and live in peace in Gun for a Coward.

His two younger brothers, Hade (Dean Stockwell) and Bless (Jeffrey Hunter) are as different as night and day Hade is wild and reckless and Bless refuses to use a gun, branding him a coward. Making matters worse is the brothers merciless mother (Josephine Hutchinson) and Will s sweetheart (Janice Rule) who finds herself drawn to the sensitive Bless.

Ultimately, a showdown will have to take place but which sibling will survive?

Runtime: 85 mins approx
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Sound: Mono
Certification: PG

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