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Wasteland [DVD]

Wasteland [DVD]

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Maggie Chancelor and her son Cole are on their way to visit family when they are involved in an accident. They are found by Lukas, a farmer, who takes them to his farm but they are never seen again. Eight years later the father gets a call from someone who claims to be his son Cole so the father hires an ex-detective (Christopher Mann The Wire) to go back to the county where his family went missing.

The detective finds that there's something more than just a missing persons case, he also thinks that the local Sheriff (Doug Bradley - Hellraiser) is keeping something from him. Soon the detective discovers that Lukas is raising Cole as his own son but what has happened to his mother Maggie?

Runtime: 110 mins approx
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Sound: DD Stereo 2.1
Certification: 18

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