Toy Soldiers (1991)

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Regis High School, an exclusive prep school for delinquent teenage boys, becomes the target of a terrorist attack in this action-adventure.

Columbian drug lord and terrorist Louis Cali has travelled to the US to free his drug kingpin father. With a team of ruthless mercenaries, Cali invades Regis High School in an attempt to capture the son of the federal judge presiding over his father's trial.

As Cali takes the students hostage, the FBI and US Army remain helpless. Within the school, however, is a group of rebellious and mischievous students, led by Billy Tepper and Joey Trotta, who decide to put their expertise in avoiding authority to good use. Now years of bad behavior are about to pay off...


"If your teenage sons are looking for heroes, send them to 'Toy Soldiers'" - Washington Post

"Pardon the language, but I f**king love Toy Soldiers, I have since the very first time I saw it back in October 1991. Back then I thought no one was cooler than Sean Astin's authority-baiting bad-ass Billy Tepper, even if I did question why he and his mates liked to sit round in just their undies (something I still ponder about today)!" -




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