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The Endz [DVD]

The Endz [DVD]


Written by and starring actors who have grown up in ‘The Endz’, this exciting new drama series is a tenacious portrayal of life on the streets of Manchester. Like nothing you’ve seen before, this realistic and harrowing insight into the young lives of city kids, will envelope you into a dark and unsettling environment.


Our protagonist is a young black male – hated for his colour and haunted by his surroundings. Having moved to Manchester, whilst coping with the loss of his Father, Leroy faces the pressure of joining a crew, not realising at first, just how critical membership would be for survival.


Contained in the first series alone, there are elements of racial and drug abuse, violence, radical religious beliefs and gang crime. Unlike other dramas of a similar genre, ‘The Endz’ allows the actors and the audience to live as the characters. Over half of the actors were brought up in ‘The Endz’ and their effortless portrayal of their characters certifies such roots. Nothing has been glamorised or altered to add unnecessary comedic value – this is gritty realism at its best.


Based on the working-class culture, this representation of a youth’s city life is enough to make you double-check the door at night, or ask your children a few more questions when they leave the house.


Naivety is as dangerous as ‘The Endz’ and we expect our audience to be shocked, appalled yet socially reflective on what they observe and learn. The script has not been sugar-coated and was not written for a night in with the kids. This is not a drama for the feint-hearted – watch responsibly!!!!


Episode List:

  1. Beginning of The Endz
  2. Repp your Endz
  3. The Endz in sight
  4. Endz Game



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