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Grimm Tales (DVD)

Grimm Tales (DVD)


From the producers of 'Twilight', 'Grimm Tales' is a haunting story of obsession and witchcraft, with stand-out performances from Michael Welch (Twilight Saga) Molly Quinn (We're the Millers) and Lara Flynn Boyle (Twin Peaks) as the Evil Witch.

A young couple have been experimenting with a new drug called 'Black Forest', the sensation it induces is unique and potent, so Ashton heads out to score some more. Their supplier is Agnes, a seemingly harmless old lady who grows the weed out of a basement in her cottage. But Agnes has a dark secret, one she has kept hidden for many years. She is an evil and twisted Black Witch, desperate to regain her long lost beauty by any means possible. With her new drug she casts spells over hapless teenagers, so she can extract their souls to reverse the ageing process. When Ashton doesn't return, his girlfriend sets off to the old lady's cottage, unaware of the despicable horrors that await them...


"The gore and scares are satisfying and messy... it is a lot of fun for the comedy loving horror fan in all of us" - Bloody-Disgusting.com

"This film has camp, gore, stupid drug references, flaying s alive and killer dogs not to mention the most amazing indoor pot-growing Mecca ever conceived" - Best-Horror-Movies.com

"Director Duane Journey's horror-comedy version of the fairy tale has a nice line in black humour, some gross out special effects and a refreshing anti-authoritarian attitude" - HorrorNews.net

Runtime: 83
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 Anamorphic
Sound: DD 5.1
Certification: 18

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