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Exorcism (DVD)

Exorcism (DVD)


Young film-maker Robert Davies has found the ideal location for his film 'Exorcism'. What could be a more perfect setting than a creepy and desolate house where, decades ago, a young girl was rumoured to have been possessed by a demon? According to legend, a local priest failed to exorcise the demon and no one knows what happened to either of them.

Followed by cameraman David to capture "behind-the-scenes" footage of the flick, Rob and his crew quickly set up. A few hours into the shoot though, sinister things start happening. An actress slashes her wrists, a crew member suddenly dies and the house is filled with eerie and unexplainable noises.

Could it be that the rumoured possession was actually real and that the evil demon that once dwelled within the house has returned? As the remaining crew struggle with the horrors unfolding around them, can they avoid the same fate that befell the priest and the young girl all those years before?

Runtime: 73
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Sound: DD Stereo 5.1
Certification: 18

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