Attack On The Iron Cost (1968)
Attack On The Iron Cost (1968) Attack On The Iron Cost (1968)

Commando Major Jamie Wilson plans an audacious Combined Operations raid on the Axis held French port of Le Clare; if destroyed the Germans would be stripped of their only dry dock capable of servicing their large battleships. Wilson's plan, code named Operation Mad Dog, is to ram a destroyer packed with tons of explosives into the outer gate of the dock. Opposed to Wilson is Royal Navy Captain Owen Franklin, whose own son was killed on Wilson s disastrous last raid on the French coast.

Under pressure from Winston Churchill, Wilson's plan is given the go-ahead even though the naval craft requested for the mission are reduced to a minesweeper replacing the destroyer, no escort craft and only four motor launches.

Runtime: 90 mins approx
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Sound: Stereo
Certification: PG


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