Pray For Death (1985)

£10.00 GBP

They shattered his American dream…

The Ninja “master” himself, Shô Kosugim stars as Akira, a Japanese immigrant who moves to America. Hoping for a simple life, he opens a restaurant with his family but his world is shattered when he stumbles upon the headquarters of a sinister gang, led by crime lord Limehouse Willie. Wrongfully accused of stealing a precious necklace, the gangsters begin a rampage of murder that takes the life of Akira’s wife and threatens the lives of his two sons.

Now Akira must step out of his quiet life and reveal his other identity; that of a perfectly skilled Ninja and the most lethal and mysterious of all martial artists. He has sounded his warning to the brutal Limehouse and his henchmen: “Stay away from my family or you will PRAY FOR DEATH”.




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DD Stereo 2.0




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