Master Of The World (1961)

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Master of the World is an action packed classic sci-fi fantasy film based on two stories by Jules Verne author of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea and Around The World In 80 Days

Starring Vincent Price and Charles Bronson Master of the World opens In Morgantown Pennsylvania in 1868; the local residents hear a booming voice coming from the local mountain, the Great Eyrie. John Strock from the Department of the Interior is tasked with findingout just what is happening there and approaches Philip Evans for the use of his balloon which would allow him to view the mountain from air. Accompanied by Evans fiancée Dorothy Prudent and her father, they come under attack from rockets fired from inside the mountain.

They are soon the prisoners of Captain Robur, a pacifist who is in command of the Albatross, a 150 a foot-long airship. His mission in life is to stop all wars - even if he has to make war on nation states in order to achieve it.

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